Careers and Enterprise.

As part of our ethos at Mill Hill we create inspirational learning experiences to enable our pupils to open doors to successful futures. Since, we do not know which careers will be available to our children in the future – it’s essential that we expose them to as many different paths as possible.

In 2020, by working with Stoke-On-Trent City Council and other schools in the area we were able to create further exposure for the children to a host of different careers – this work will continue within the academy moving forward.

We strengthened links with Further Education by accommodating students from Staffordshire University’s Journalism undergraduate course to hold journalistic workshops for the children and also enabled students to enter the ‘Future Journalist Awards’ – also ran by Staffordshire University. One of our students came runner up in the Year 5 / 6 award, and another student of ours won the ‘Sports Special Prize’.

Teaching staff are encouraged to link lessons (where possible) to careers and a careers lead assists in sourcing visitors for launch days to increase contact between the students and other employers. We also utilise ‘Primary Futures’ to source volunteers. We regular hold careers-based events for the children at the school.

This work in 2020 allowed us to be recognised by Stoke-on-Trent City Council as we were awarded ‘The Primary Quality Award for Careers Related Learning’.