During the bad weather, please find below our procedure for snow:

Mill Hill Primary Academy Snow Plan 2019/20

Information for parents.

In the event of bad weather, our main priority will be to remain open. We will do our utmost to keep the Academy open and will not take the decision to close lightly.

The decision around remaining open will always be made based upon whether it is safe for the children, parents/carers and staff to travel to and from the Academy and if the Academy grounds are safe.

Listed below are key points in our weather plan:

  • The Principal and the caretaker will begin to assess the weather conditions from 6am.
  • Please DO NOT RING into the Academy to ask about opening as the phone lines will become very busy and there maybe no one to answer your call.
  • Messages about the Academy being open/closed will be on:
  • Local radio
  • Via your mobile/parent mail
  • Via the school Facebook page and website
  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council Website
  • We may consider extending the registration period to allow you more time to safely arrive at the Academy. This information will be sent to you via Parent Mail
  • If you cannot get your child to school, please inform us in the normal way.
  • After school clubs and extended provision may be cancelled. We will inform you if they are.
  • School lunches will be available as normal unless you are told otherwise. In this instance please send your child with a packed lunch.
  • We may go out to play in the snow. So please make sure your child has BOOTS of some kind, gloves, hat and a COAT if you want them to go out. Spare socks are always handy!
  • Breakfast club will remain open and have the same opening hours for children already booked in. We will inform you of any changes.
  • Information about entry and exit points for the children will be communicated to you via Parent Mail.

Kind Regards

Mrs Mills