At Mill Hill Primary Academy, we aim to support all Special Educational Need’s within school, however many parents/carers may wish to further support their child at home.  Below are a number of resources which will enable you to further support your child’s needs and provide support to you. If you require any further assistance with these resources or would like help selecting the correct resources, please contact Miss Jones via the school office. 

Alphabet Race Game

Approches to PDA

Autism Apps

Card Games for Maths

Dyslexia Apps

Games to Develop Language

Helping Your Child to Read

Ideas for Developing Vocabulary

My Experience During Lockdown

Reading Hints


SOS Spelling Mat

Support for Speech and Language

Support with Spelling 2

Support with Spelling

Supporting Children with ADHD

Supporting Children with Autism, Sensory Needs or Anxiety

Supporting Children with Dyslexia

Supporting Children with Maths and Dyscalculia

Supporting Children with Motor Skills and Co-ordination.

Supporting Children with SEND

Supporting Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting

Teaching Formal Methods of Addition and Subtraction in a Multisensory Way

Transition Back to School Covid