Excellence Academy (Yr 5 & 6)

At Mill Hill Primary Academy, our year 5 and 6 pupils benefit from our innovative collaborative teaching programme.

Our specialist upper KS2 staff work with English and Maths subject specialists from  Haywood Academy to develop a personalised curriculum which inspires and challenges our pupils’, and is designed to enable them to achieve ‘excellence’ against national targets at KS2.

Within this collaborative teaching programme, the pupils also access additional learning opportunities through booster classes, weekend sessions and holiday programmes in year 6.

We are committed, through our Excellence Academy, to providing our pupils with every opportunity for success, whilst also supporting a superb foundation for effective transition to secondary education.

Commando Joe’s at Mill Hill

We are delighted to be able to offer the Commando Joe’s programme at Mill Hill Primary Academy. Focusing on education, team-building, health and well-being, this programme engages and inspires the whole school.

Commando Joe

The programme focuses on core skills and attributes of: leadership, communication skills, self-respect, respect for others, discipline and team work, collaborative working, self-confidence and motivation, independence, curiosity and creativity, problem solving, decision making and enterprise.

“Commando Joe’s is a leading provider of educational and personal development activities to children and young people within a school environment. We provide schools with the opportunity to give all their pupils a new approach to learning, set beyond the traditional classroom and geared towards ability. We work in partnership with teachers so that all pupils benefit from the learning and development outcomes of our work.”

Commando Joe is at Mill Hill every Friday. He will run sessions with all classes across the year, along with small group sessions each week. In addition, children can earn a place at Commando Joe’s ‘Top Table’ for lunch, and have the opportunity to take home the ‘Commando Joe’s’ bear, to look after, as a reward for excellent engagement and achievement.

Find out more about the Commando Joe programme at www.commandojoes.co.uk