Mill Hill pupils getting out of the school mini-bus


A warm welcome to Mill Hill in Tunstall, Staffordshire.

I am exceptionally proud and privileged to lead our Academy on its exciting journey forward as part of the City Learning Trust. We want our pupils to have a world class education, where every child is inspired to aspire, through outstanding teaching and learning which fosters in them a passion for lifelong learning.

At Mill Hill Primary Academy, we are committed to offering exceptional, inclusive education which is based upon the school being a centre of excellence in learning for all, within and beyond the curriculum, and where the well-being of the children, staff and the community is a priority.

Our pupils will experience an education where they feel secure and motivated to learn, and where they are able to access the highest quality teaching from innovative, forward thinking, caring and committed staff.

The highest standard of teaching, combined with highly effective relationships, clear and positive communication and engagement in ongoing collaboration, innovation and reflection, ensure that pupils at Mill Hill Primary Academy do not just ‘succeed’, but also develop a love of learning – for life.


Sharon Bates
Head teacher